Troll and Bulldog Do Lunch

Well would you looky there.  On the right is Our Lady, Queen of Trolls, known online by the rather unwieldy handle, “Et in Arcadia Ego Eve”.  I won’t revisit all of that history but suffice it to say she contacted me under a lot of names, and claimed to be, among others, Jeff Gannon, the Male Prostitute cum White House reporter who enjoyed special access to the White House.  And on the left…well if it is not Jeff Gannon his own self.  Quite a handsome pair they make.

In emails to me, under a variety of fake names, Geeslin claimed not only to be Gannon, but also kidnap victim Johnny Gosch, or more precisely, that Gannon and Gosch were the same person, or moe precisely still, that Gannon was an alter personality of Johnny Gosch.

For reasons unknown to me, Geeslin (then known as Beth Kennison) contacted me under her real name, from her work email no less.

Not sure why she made it so easy, but in any event, I called her boss at the lawfirm where she was a paralegal, Harper Gerlach, and said, “Hey, your paralegal spends a lot of time on the job sending me emails under different names.”  Her boss had their tech guy call me who confirmed that the emails all came from her computer.

I then called her PREVIOUS employer, another law firm, and talked to one of the partners there, who confirmed that they had had similar problems with her and implying that this is why she no longer worked there.  He denied, however, that his law firm had ever represented Jeff Gannon, a claim made by Geeslin to me in a telephone conversation.

Now, if you want to attract internet weirdness, there is no better way than to start mucking about in either the Jeff Gannon or Johnny Gosch affairs.  But I mention this because here was a woman claiming to BE Jeff Gannon, and also claiming that Gannon really was Johnny Gosch (a fact that has been rather easily disproven), having lunch with the guy she was pretending to be.

He surely knows about her online shenanigans, because I told him myself.  Or at least I sent him a note via the contact info at his Talon News.  He never replied. Here is the link to Talon News, but it looks like, uh…well not sure what is going on there.

The picture up top comes from Geeslin’s Facebook page, and you can compare it to the picture of her on the Harper Gerlach staff page.  She has dyed her hair and lost some weight but I think you can see that this is also a picture of her from a few years ago, though in this case she was going by “Mary J. Cheney”.  I have no idea why she is maintaining the online memorial page for Rama Coomaraswamy, especially under a fake name.  Coomaraswamy was a Traditionalist Catholic priest and exorcist, so perhaps she was hoping he’d fling out her demons.

11 thoughts on “Troll and Bulldog Do Lunch

  1. Guess that was the most fun date of her life then.

    She pops up in JD Kallmyer`s strange brew too.

    “As Jaydee, Karla enjoyed his pre-Vegan Nevada visit there to sojourn with Beth Kennison whose friendship with Noreen Gosch became a stage upon which toward develop this information. She put the counter-intelligence officer up at a local 5-star hotel, probably charging the rent to her legal firm. Biway oblique reference this series of engagements directly involved the president of the United States, George W Bush, because a member of his press corps by the name of Jeff Gannon became composite. Gannon was reported tobe an White House male prostitute and had become an intimate two Ms Kennison. At the time she was a paralegal with an high-end law firm in Jacksonville who reportedly developed “agent” with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Kennison believed Gannon was Gosch’s missing son Johnny. The little fellow was a paperboy for the Des Moines Register when he disappeared. His departure occurred while Jaydee was studying Russian language at Iowa Sate University when the Slavic expatriate “met” revanchist ex-CIA agents Ralph McGehee and Phillip Agee.”
    Guess that was the most fun date of her life then.

    She pops up in JD Kallmyer`s strange evangelizing fiction too.

  2. Um, boooooood, (hope I spelled that right) can you give me any insight into what that site is and who JD Kallmyer is? JD is apparently what Jeff Gannon/Guckert is sometimes called but Kallmyer seems to have books on Amazon. Also, is this run through a language translator or something? Any help appreciated.

  3. Hi DE. Yes, the text looks as though it could of been translated, i was under that impression too. I thought it was just one of these sites that pop up, that start leading people a merry dance in circles, but he’s written a few books as you say. Not sure that he would have any link to Gannon, but i have no idea why he would put Eve and Jeff in his story, unless James Dale’s been talking to God and writing books in-between his nights out as a gay escort. J D seems on the face of it to be some right-wing rapture nut, i can’t give you an overview of that text as i’ve not read it all yet, just thought with your new post about Eve and Gannon it may be of interest to you. I’m sure there must be an email address somewhere around the net for JD, i’ll take a look and and see.

  4. First glance looks like yet another loon who googled pretty thoroughly or perhaps had some contact with Kennison/Geeslin. Note that the “best date ever” comment (you have either been following this awhile or spent a long time googling today) was made well before this pic was made. Still, the weird writing style, the joined together words….who knows.

  5. Well, I was just about to say that we should maybe not talk about this fellow anymore because my first read was that he is simply mentally ill. This does not preclude contact with Geeslin as we know people like her are more than willing to exploit the mentally ill…convince them they are mind control victims or whatever.

  6. I think JD`S just a fan of Robert Ludlmur novels.

    Note in his novel The Holcroft Covenant he writes about the “The children of Projekt Sonnenkinder” Then look at an email/spam JD sent to someone, which is also on his site and uses the same plot from the book, with a twist in that now JD is one of the Projekt Sonnenkinder.;action=display;threadid=42367

    Maybe next Jeff Gannon will turn out to be Eva Braun’s Love child, Anyway i`ll leave it at that.

  7. I found several pages that linked to images of movie posters….The Chronicles of Riddick being a favorite for some reason. I imagine he is seeing some special messages in these films. Or some evidence of his particular conspiracy theory, perhaps. If I can ever find the quote I am going to reprint it here. It is from CIA researcher Kit Green who spends time supporting various online UFO theories, such as put forward by Richard Doty, for his own research purposes, which are not completely clear. In his estimation, 95% of the people claiming alien abduction experiences (this is online now, not “field research”) are mentally ill. And we know that there are folks like the One Smart Rat collective (several writing and spelling styles suggest more than one writer for that character) who will find vulnerable people online and convince them they, too, are victims of alien abduction. I imagine more than one suicide has resulted from these activities. Green, too, bears some blame, for helping propagate these stories.

  8. Well this just in. Someone wrote to say that the picture I identified as including Jeff Gannon is actually of someone named Ivan. Despite all her claims of having been hacked and all the rest, I am surprised to say that Geeslin leaves pics of her personal life on the public setting on Facebook. So you can look through and see if “Ivan’ and Gannon are one and the same. I suppose it is possible that, like George W., she just has a bald guy fetish Funny if his name is Ivan though, because one of her fake online personas claimed that Gannon was a Russian spy!!! And Ivan is, like, so totally a good name for a Russian spy, right?

    By the way, for those keeping karmic score, Geeslin was more than happy to adopt the persona of a Nashville mom to post things about my personal life. So enjoy the albums. Extra credit if you spot the “magestic” pun. Oh Eve…you so crazy.

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